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Win a Kindle Fire and Stay Snug

Snuggle up safe and warm this winter with a Kindle Fire!

Win Kindle Fire with McComish Property ServicesMcComish Property Services is running the Kindle Fire competition to highlight the importance of acting to protect your property before the cold weather sets in.

With Christmas parties and festivities underway its easy to forget the boring stuff like winter maintenance. But, a few simple steps could help you avoid costly and distressing damage to your building. For example, if there was an emergency, do you know where the stopcock for the incoming water supply is?

To enter the Kindle Fire competition and have a warm winter, read our winter prevention tips and answer our question in the form below.

Essential tips to avoid winter damage

The most common winter related problems are blocked guttering, leaking roofs, burst pipes caused by freezing temperatures and damaged boilers.

  1. Gutters – Clear leaves from gutters and make sure drain pipes are running freely (crucial for flat roofs.)
  2. Pipes – Protect both internal and external pipes from freezing through insulation (last year the average cost from frozen pipes that burst was £3000 per household.)
  3. Boilers and Central Heating – Service your boiler or central heating system and make sure it is running properly.
  4. Stopcock – Make sure you know where the stopcock is in case of emergencies. (Often under the sink or where the main service pipe enters the property.)
  5. Insulation – Make sure that your loft is insulated and that your doors and windows are draft proof.

Paul McComish, CEO of McComish Group, said:

“Calls for immediate assistance more than treble during the winter season. Most emergencies involve escape of water caused by blocked gutters, burst pipes and roof damage. We are available on Christmas day on a 24 x 7 basis and do everything in our power to fix burst pipes and water damage, but ultimately we want our customers to avoid the distress and disruption altogether. That’s why we are rolling out our free roof & guttering survey.”

Free gutter and roof survey

McComish is rolling out preventative winter prevention services to make sure you stay snug this winter. Starting with a free roof and gutter survey for properties in Glasgow. To get your free roof and gutter survey click here.

Enter to Win

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The competition is open from 17/12/12 until 11.59pm on 17/01/13. The winner will be picked at random on 20/01/13.

Tell us where your stopcock is, in the comment box below

  • Alison McHugh

    My stopcock is in the kitchen.

  • Kathryn Phillips ✩

    my stopcock is in my kitchen under the sink :)

  • Emma White (Grant Property)

    I have three stop cocks! 1) mains for building on my side is in bathroom. 2) under kitchen sink 3) at boiler.

  • Laura Harris

    In our downstairs loo, hidden in a false wall!

  • Wila

    To the right of the kitchen sink

  • Rachael Mounteney

    I had no idea so I went in search of it and its in the kitchen

  • Clare Parker

    In my kitchen.

  • Liz_Tumbridge

    My stopcock is under my kitchen sink :)

  • Michelle Grundy

    In the kitchen

  • Julie Banks

    In the kitchen


    My stopcock is under the stairs by the meters.

  • Emma J Lowe

    our stopcock is in the cupboard where i have the washing machine and tumble dryer.

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    In my kitchen

  • falconer99

    By the fridge

  • Sue Cole

    Under the kitchen sink

  • viviensabel

    Stop situated in the kitchen, in a cupboard under the sink.

  • Clare Nicholas

    Under my kitchen sink – and yes I did have to ask my hubby, who had to ask his dad lol

  • Iain Maciver

    under my kitchen sink

  • Ness

    Under the kitchen sink. My hubby wouldn’t have a clue though!

  • Christina Marriott

    I still have no idea where it is after searching!!

  • Pauline Lovatt

    In my corner Kitchen Cupboard.

  • Lila B Taylor

    My stopcock is under my kitchen sink x

  • Christina Marriott

    Eek! I have no idea! Even after searching! Xxxx

  • bexdowney


  • Kim Carberry

    Under my kitchen sink…I think!

  • stressymummy

    Under our kitchen sink

  • Nicola Reynolds

    Under the sink

  • Cheeky Chicken

    In a hole on the wall in the outhouse (ex outside loo, now garden tool stoarage!)

  • Natalie Gower

    Under my sink

  • Emma Bennett

    Mine is under the kitchen sink!

  • Yellow Days

    Under my sink (I think…)

  • Chaz

    under the kitchen sink

  • ET Speaks From Home

    under sink and outside the house

  • Karen McCloskey Walder

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Sandra Siddall

    Under the Kitchen sink usually!

  • Leah Wheatley

    in the toilet

  • Sarah Hearnden

    Below my kitchen sink :-)

  • Kelvin Manson

    Under the sink in the kitchen

  • Heather Husler

    Mine is in the dining room of all places!

  • sharon mcguinness

    It is under the sink

  • Susan El Carter

    Under my kitchen sink, to the left of the u-bend.

  • Becky H.

    Under our kitchen sink!

  • Toast

    It’s under our stairs.

  • Sam Hutchinson

    Under the kitchen sink!

  • tsinclair

    Ooh, not lived here long, must admit, I havent got a clue. Going to have to find out now!

  • Karin Harpering

    handy tips, great price :-)

  • Susan Cameron

    In the dining room,in it’s own little box on the wall.

  • Mari Sutherland

    In the downstairs cloakroom

  • Tracy Nixon

    Under the kitchen sink!

  • Jane McColl

    Under my kitchen sink

  • Suzi

    Under the kitchen sink

  • olivia kirby

    it’s under the kitchen sink

  • Catherine Warburton

    In the bathroom next to the toilet

  • Susanne Temlett

    On the pavement at the end of the front path

  • Andrea Miles

    haven’t a clue

  • Catherine Rodgers Halloran

    under the sink

  • Joanna Howard-simpson

    in a kitchen cupboard next to the back door

  • Fiona Gray

    in the kitchen cupboard under the sink

  • Caroline Clarke

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • innocentcharmer

    Outside my flat in the meter room – strangehuh

  • Kara

    It’s in the cupboard next to the washing machine in the kitchen!

  • Anthea Holloway

    Under the kitchen sink – and we have had to get there several times this year!

  • Paul McLaughlin

    Just found it this week. Have had the kitchen ripped out, and there it was, hidden behind a panel under the sink. Luckily didn’t need to use it before now…

  • Mima Krutska

    i believe is under the kitchen sink
    merry christmas

  • sofia ramos

    under the kitchen sink

  • Simon Cornish

    Bottom of the garden, with the fairies

  • MyMillsBaby

    Under my sink

  • GH

    under the sink in the utility!

  • Natasha

    Under the floorboards behind my front door

  • amanda davis

    behind the kitchen drawers

  • claner

    In the Utility Room on the ground floor

  • Jo Boyd

    *Goes to check* In the top corner of the kitchen above the cupboards, requiring standing on a chair and reaching preacriously to get at – and I found a lot of cobwebs up there too!

  • Annabel Greaves

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Tereza

    Not in the flat; I think there is a communal one somewhere outside the building!

  • Vera Pope

    I have no clue!

  • Beverley Marsh

    Under The Kitchen Sink

  • Brian Canavan

    Under the sink in the kitchen

  • Lorraine Wyllie

    In the downstairs loo!

  • tim

    downstairs cupboard

  • Kerry Brown

    under the sink :)

  • Unen Tsogt

    Under the boiler?

  • Clare F Wood

    in a little cupboard in the kitchen by the back door

  • Ian Raistrick

    In my kitchen above the skirting

  • Willow Langdale-Smith

    Back of kitchen cupboard

  • Kelly Innes

    buried at the back of the crap that lives in the cupboard under the sink.

  • ashrid

    In the cupboard under the stairs

  • Hannah Ellis

    Under my kitchen sink!

  • marba01

    under the kitchen sink

  • dordor

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Mark Leyshon

    Under the kitchen sink :)

  • Maureen Kelly

    i believe its under sink,

  • Isobel Gibbons

    Under the Stairs and I knew

  • Alan C

    Under the kitchen sink

  • David Taylor

    In the cupboard next to the frontdoor

  • Kelly Marie Tait

    under the sink kitchen

  • facebook-100000479006470

    In the riser behind the kitchen cupboards

  • NotDeadMeat

    In my front garden.

  • Kerry Taylor

    under the sink

  • Ritchie Dee

    Next to fireplace.

  • Sandra Stitchell

    In the bathroom, and the one outside is at the hedge

  • mdc1600

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Darren Bowden

    In the downstairs bathroom

  • Dorothee Archambault

    Well, under the kitchen sink!

  • Keith S

    Under the kitchen sink (left-side cupboard !)

  • Hannah Louise Irish

    No idea ha ha

  • Amelia Royle

    Under the kitchen sink and I know without having to ask hubby!

  • Stuart Black

    In the stairwell

  • Alana Walker

    Under our kitchen sink

  • Jan Hall

    Under the sink

  • Joseph Border

    under the kitchen sink…phew!

  • Debs

    In my garage

  • Caroline McKenzie

    next to downstairs toilet

  • Iain Maciver

    under the kitchen sink

  • Jim Milligan

    In a little cupboard

  • Joseph Watson

    At the bottom of the airing cupboard in our bathroom

  • Edward Kats

    At the back of a cupboard, next to the sink in the kitchen,just behind a hinged cover which I made when fitting the kitchen.

  • Simon

    Under the kitchen sink lol

  • Natalie Phillips

    under the sink

  • isabelle smith

    under kitchen skin x

  • Ninja

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Pal

    under the sink or where the main service pipe enters the property

  • Scott Walliss

    Under the stairs.

  • David Cutter

    Next to the kitchen base unit.

  • Paul Whiteley

    Under the kitchen sink but doesn’t turn off so I have a key for the main one on the drive

  • Karen Smith

    Under the sink :-)

  • Nigel Charlton-Wright

    Under the stairs

  • Stuart Daniel

    under the sink but until know I didnt know!! had to ask

  • Stephanie Cheung-Tsang

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Alison Bruce

    In the cupboard next to the sink

  • Cheryl Edwards


  • ChiHo Hui

    Under the sink.

  • Rachel Sanders

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Jodie Smith

    In a cupboard under the stairs… apparently.

  • Suzanne Cooke

    just by the back door, behind the washer

  • dorit vaknine

    NO IDEA!

  • Damien Hudson

    Behind the washer

  • Tracey Peach

    Under The Kitchen Sink

  • steve thomas

    in the utility room

  • Val Hartley

    Under the sink

  • Laura Mse

    Under the kitchen sink (I had to go look lol) x

  • Martin

    under the sink

  • Simon Harris

    under the sink

  • Jason Halliwell

    Under the sink

  • michael phillips

    In my Kitchen under the sink

  • Susan Crosswaite

    In the downstairs loo!

  • ed edwards

    In the airing cupboard


    behind the cooker

  • Nicky Cerrato

    Under the sink!

  • Karen Shuttleworth

    Behind the washing machine

  • Paul Jewell

    In a kitchen cupboard

  • Kelly Koya

    under the kitchen sink

  • Jen Rogers

    under the kitchen sink

  • Lynsey MacDonald

    Under the sink, but I had to ask my neighbour!

  • Lolayani Bareeni

    under the sink

  • sarah birkett

    under the sink, on the left hand side, even my children know

  • clare greenwood

    under the sink

  • Mary Saunders

    under my kitchen sink

  • Barrie Phillips

    In the hallway

  • Robert Beales

    under sink.

  • Dale Arnold

    under the sink

  • Jenny Mallinson

    In the corner of the kitchen inside a cupboard

  • Amy Cray

    behind the washing machine

  • Gabby Evans

    in the kitchen cupboard

  • David Tyler

    Under the sink

  • jaimie baughan

    under my sink ……..

  • simon warr

    in utility room

  • Glenn Hutton

    In my downstairs toilet!!!



  • Luke Evans

    under my sink!

  • katleea

    In the cupboard under the sink

  • Janice Davison

    Under the sink in the kitchen

  • sarah bourner


  • Pauline Simpson

    Under the sinl

  • Pauline Simpson

    under the sink missed the k off before

  • Mags Brown

    great comp

  • Mags Brown

    under the sink

  • Steve Fox

    uder the sink

  • Laura

    Under the sink

  • Geoffrey Clark

    in the kitchen

  • Emily Hamilton

    In the kitchen, by the side of the sink

  • Andrea Probert

    Under the sink ;-)

  • margaret mckay

    under the kitchen sink.

  • Sue Mcdermott

    under the sink

  • Tink Lee Mse

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Toby Curran

    Under the sink

  • Gareth Hart

    Under the sink.

  • Judith Lightfoot

    In the cylinder cupboard

  • Paul Wilson

    Under the sink.

  • Emily Jane Ann Nelson

    Under our sink! :)

  • laura banks

    under the sink i think

  • Jo Welsh

    Under kitchen sink found it when my husband drilled through a water pipe!

  • Matt

    Under the sink

  • Ann Robinson

    Under the kitchen sink

  • paula burnside

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Kelly Severn

    Stopcock is found under my sink!!

  • Caroline Davison


  • Eileen McCallum

    In my hall cupboard, near the floor.

  • Neil Dobson

    For some strange reason in the bathroom.

  • David Sweet

    In the garage

  • Emma Hawkins

    In the bathroom

  • Zoe G

    In my passageaway and it has been boxed in because it is so ugly, I can get at it easily though if needed

  • Zainab Hassan

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Rachael Simmons

    Under the kitchen sink for us :D

  • Louise Jazz Smith

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Claire Nutman

    Underneath the kitchen sink!

  • Mike Evans

    Behind the washing machine

  • Angelina Foster

    Either just outside the house and which can be used to isolate the building from the water supply and inside the property where the supply enters the property (thanks Wiki!)

  • David

    Under the floorboards somewhere!

  • Tricia Cowell

    under my kitchen sink :)

  • Maddalena Spadone Dalton


  • Kathryn Cummings

    under the sink

  • Tamalyn Roberts

    its in my kitchen, quite easy to find as its the long pipe that goes down the middle of my wall that gets very damp however many times i clean and paint it lol

  • leephilip

    Under the Kitchen Sink

  • Jo Young

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Natalie Clark

    Under the kitchen sink

  • karen walkden

    nder my sink and in the airing cupboard

  • Katie Coup

    under my kitchen sink

  • Scott

    In our new kitchen it is now under the sink although before it was in a small cupboard in the living room.

  • Jack William Taylor

    Kitchen cupboard

  • Sarah Welsh

    By my downstairs loo!

  • Tim Marchant-Jones

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Rebecca Foster

    In our utility room

  • Matthew Holden

    Under the sink

  • Michelle Best

    Side cupboard by downstairs loo

  • Belinda Porter

    under the sink in the kitchen

  • Rachie Littleme

    Ours is in our kitchen corner cupboard.

  • Barbara Shaw


  • Donna Davis

    In our airing cupboard :)

  • John Seaman

    under the sink

  • Susan Wilson

    downstairs loo

  • Tracy North

    Haha u joking….no idea….merry christmas

  • Katrina Day

    um um in the utility room

  • Lisa Williams

    Under the sink :)

  • Bee Rummie

    Under the sink

  • Sara Brooks

    Under the sink – although it’d take us so long to clear the cupboard it’d probably be quicker to turn off the one in the street!

  • debbie1957uk

    under the kitchen sink

  • kayleigh bates

    Under the kitchen sink

  • sar87x

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Hannah O’Neill

    Under our stairs

  • Rob Winkfield

    In the kitchen

  • Doc Strange Comedy Hypnotist

    In the Pantry. It’s a bit stiff and you really need two hands to give it a good pull before anything happens.

  • Crisis Consciousness

    Under the sink

  • Marie Louise Bishop

    under the sink

  • David Greig

    Under the kitchen sink!

  • Mrk Cozens

    it seems as if we all have our stoptaps under the kitchen sink lol

  • mike clarke

    In the front porch of my flat

  • Ellie Fletcher

    In the kitchen – beautifully boxed in with a hinged lid that my dad made for me!

  • Darren Longthorne

    next to the sink

  • L Anne Farnworth

    Inside a cupboard in the kitchen where I keep cleaning supplies.

  • Janet Dixon

    Under my sink in the kitchen

  • Jonathan Tuck

    under my kitchen sink.

  • Sara Davis

    under the sink i think

  • Faye Lester

    Behind a very heavy cupboard!!

  • Greg

    In the upstairs loo

  • Dave Edge

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Junaid M

    Under the sink

  • Alistair Shaw

    under my sink

  • Duds Dudsy

    kitchen sink . :)

  • Lynne Huffam

    My stopcock is in the kitchen under the sink

  • Maria Hunt

    Under the bath

  • ctpulley

    In the house, under the sink.

  • Gary Loughnane

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Suzanne Goodwin

    under the kitchen sink

  • Brenden321

    mines under the sink

  • John McNamee

    At the side of the house

  • Neil Firth

    Under the sink at the back (behind the cereals)

  • Mark B Wood

    In my water tank in the loft.

  • Natalie White

    under my kitchen sink… Merry Christmas

  • Justine Meyer

    outside the back gate in the road, i know this as it took us weeks to find it when we moved into the house

  • Ed Bowden

    It’s in the wall behind the fridge, and broken, so if the pipes burst I’d be buggered!

  • Tracey Bowden

    mine is a blue switch next to my kitchen sink

  • aw_osborne

    on an inside wall in the kitchen!

  • Rachael Lines

    Ours is on the side cupboard close to the kitchen sink, we actually had a leak this year under the stop cock – so the mains had to be switched off externally to the property. Was frightening and water went everywhere!! SO much water!! We had to dehumidify the house for 3 weeks, and the downstairs toilet, which took the brunt of the damage is still not right. :( Absolute chaos.

  • Sarah Rees

    under the sink… i think… :)

  • Daniel Lee

    in the attic

  • Tony W

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Karamben naiker

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Angela Ashton

    in our attached garage.

  • Hilda Wright

    In the stupidest place it could possibly be. You have to get into the shower cubicle, then unscrew 4 screws in the extractor fan vent, then reach up into the dark void and poke around till you find it. I moved into a DIYers house!

  • Yazmin Marie Metcalfe

    Under the kitchen sink :-)

  • Gavin Bell

    I’m not sure. Just moved house so really need to find out don’t I?? Think it’s under the sink.

  • Larry M

    Under the kitchen sink.A pain to get to also!

  • Alice Hindley

    In the cupboard underneath my kitchen sink

  • Diana Jones

    halfway down the cellar steps

  • Alfie TheDogg

    Under the kitchen sink – but you need 8ft long arms to reach it

  • Nye Osborne

    hidden away at the back of a kitchen floor unit

  • Catty Mse

    Under the sink – i only know as we had a leak when we moved in last month.

  • Lisa Prince

    mines under the sink to the right , right behind the washing machine, last year the pipe went on the washing machine i couldn pull it out t turn it off we flooded the kitchen disaster

  • Sue Carson

    Its in my downstairs toilet, easy access should I need it………

  • Brian

    In the garage

  • Chris B

    In the airing cupboard

  • Clare Marie

    In the kitchen

  • Happywelshman

    slightly ashamed to say that no I dont know. I think its under the sink but there are so many bottles and things packed under there i cant actually see.

  • Helen Spaven

    In a Cupboard in the Kitchen

  • Zoe Howarth

    Under the kitchen cupboards, just under the floorboards. Realllllly difficult to get to!

  • Sarah Spencer

    Underneath the kitchen sink.

  • James Spizer

    Under the old sink

  • Lynne o’connor

    under the sink

  • Sheila Birch

    by side of sink unit

  • Martin Rix

    under the sink

  • funkiichiicka

    Ours is under the kitchen sink.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Paula

    About 3 feet from the place the pipes burst last January! In other words, in the downstairs lavatory.

  • Clare S

    Errrmmmm? I dont think I have one…..Ooops no, apparently we do, it’s in our front drive :)

  • Linda Thorn

    under the sink

  • Andrew Dommett

    Under my kitchen sink

  • Stacie Pook

    Under the kitchen sink

  • kim winter

    Under the kitchen sink..proud to say I already know that! haha

  • Tarra Dwyer

    Under the sink in the kitchen.

  • Smith Paul

    in the garage

  • Dave Smith

    another one under the sink

  • Ed Davis

    under the sink in kitchen

  • Gagan Singh

    in the garage

  • Lynn Lewer

    in my cellar

  • umm ziyad (anna)

    I have no idea where ours is – that is quite bad isn’t it! sure my husband knows, I should ask him to tell me. anna m

  • Shaun

    under kitchen Sink

  • Lou Mse Turner

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Lesley-Ann

    Under the sink

  • rowleypugh

    Sounds smug, but we had the kitchen rebuilt, and the stopcock movedup and still under the Sink unit, but easily accessible.

  • Melanie Clarke

    In a really awkward cut out at the back of a skinny corner kitchen cupboard!

  • Amal Mamoun

    Under the kitchen sink, way way behind all the chaos

  • Ian Johnstone

    Fantastic. What a lovely prize

  • Ian Johnstone

    Mine is under the kitchen sink

  • Debbie Davies

    i havnt actually got a clue but im presuming its under the kitchen sink

  • William Williams

    under my kitchen sink

  • kwolst

    By the kitchen sink

  • Dawn Fairman

    In my utility room.

  • Robert

    I beg you pardon?

  • Guest

    Under the sink

  • kiki

    Mine is under the sink. Somewhere :/

  • David Pithie

    Down stairs toilet behind a flap in the boxed downpipe


    we’ve got one under the sink or one outside the front under a manhole cover

  • Kristin M

    Under my kitchen sink

  • Steve Curtis

    In the airing cupboard.

  • Nikki Stewart

    under the kitchen sink :)

  • Danielle Vedmore

    Just had to ask! Under the sink! xoxo

  • Jonathon Buck

    In the outdoor toilet next to the kitchen

  • Caroline Burt

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Nicola Heap

    under the kitchen sink

  • disqus_MlWuyf2srj

    Inside the cupboard under the kitchen sink

  • Dave Brown

    Under the kitchen sink

  • richard speight

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Sally Poole

    In the kitchen

  • keith

    In the downstairs toilet

  • Liz Denial

    under my sink

  • Lesley Walsh

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Viki

    Under the kitchen sink

  • ✰★ღ Kayleigh ✰★ღ

    Under my kitchen sink :D

  • jenniwren12

    in a cupboard in the kitchen

  • Geoff Mse Fortt

    Stopcock is just inside the door in the cupboard with the electric meter

  • Katie Skeoch

    under the sink in the kitchen…but I had to ask …

  • dan dewhurst

    under the sink

  • John Steele

    Under the sink, near the water meter.

  • Cecelia Allen

    Mains stopcock In my airing cupboard there is also a tap under the sink to isolate that and the outside tap.

  • Kenny

    My stopcock is in the kitchen.

  • Adam Smith

    under the sink

  • Georgie

    Under the sink

  • Jessica Newman

    under my kitchen sink

  • Laura Revill

    Under my kitchen sink

  • Kat Walsh

    under the sink lol x

  • CJ

    Under the sink.

  • Jesse Partington

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Clementina Kyeremateng

    Under the kitchen sink :)

  • Louise Lumsden

    under the kitchen sink

  • Emma Jackson

    In the downstairs bathroom behind the loo x

  • steven

    yup, mine is under the sink too

  • Amez2012

    Under the kitchen sink!

  • Col A-B

    My stopcock is under my kitchen sink. easy to find there too

  • Gary Topley

    Mine is in the downstairs toilet.

  • Ateka Said

    in the kitchen, right next to the door to the back yard!

  • ✿Jane ♥

    In the hall.

  • Richard Rowley

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Inga Andersen

    In the downstairs loo

  • Colin Wright

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Jason Henson

    at the bottom of the stairs, nice and easy to get at

  • Annie Holly

    Under the sink

  • Val Swift

    Its under the sink

  • Iona Cornish

    Under the kitchen sink

  • bossladysal

    Under the sink

  • Iain Riddle

    just outside my back door

  • Julie Davies

    mine is under the sink

  • philip hall

    under the kitchen sink

  • Georgia McAllister

    In a cupboard near the sink.

  • chigo

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Elaine Livingstone

    mine is under the sink as well

  • Jane Willis

    Right next to the back door. I just wish my Mum knew where hers was, there wasd almost a disaster the other week because she doesn’t.

  • Phil Holland

    It’s underneath the kitchen sink although you do need to remove the unit kick boards to reach it

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    under the sink in the kitchen

  • Alison Johnson

    In the kitchen cupboard under the sink

  • Catrhi

    Ooops, I actually have no idea! Hopefully hubby knows…

  • Mickie Bull

    In the boiler cupboard

  • Karen Mse Donald

    Its in my communal hallway just outside my flat door

  • Emma walters

    under kitchen sink :)

  • Helen Dickinson

    Under my kitchen sink! My partner had to tell me as im useless!

  • Bohdan Kuczynski

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Kristian Snooks

    Under the sink in my kitchen

  • Sandra Geddes

    Under the kitchen sink x

  • Whitelilygreen

    Under the kitchen sink. Had to locate it recently after my washing machine flooded the kitchen!

  • Jo Kelly

    Shamefully, I have no idea, ooops :(

  • Anthony Harrington

    under my kitchen sink

  • Paul Robinson

    In the front cellar.

  • jokow

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Steven Sadler

    in the garage at the back of a load of junk

  • John Clark

    In the Hallway cupboard alongside the Gasmeter. There is an external point on the pavement in front of the house.

  • Ceril Roberts

    under the kitchen sink

  • Les Hamilton

    under the sink in the kitchen

  • Beth

    I live on a boat we don’t have a stopcock….but we can turn our water pump off to do the same job, and that’s by the front door

  • Carol Peace

    In a cupboard where the boiler used to be.

  • Andrea Jefferson

    under the sink

  • Leanne Timmins

    In the kitchen!

  • Emma

    Im pretty sure ours is in the cupboard near the sink!

  • Becky

    My Stopcock is hidden behind the secret panel in the wall by the kitchen counters!

  • lyn

    under the sink in the kitchen

  • Sophie Foulds

    Mine is under my sink :)

  • Soozy Bowe

    In the corner of the dining room :S

  • koey666

    under the kitchen sink

  • Shiela Seymour

    under my sink

  • Nicola Dudson

    Under the sink in the kitchen

  • jacqui

    at the bottom of a very dark little cupboard without a light adjacent to my bathroom

  • Stephanie Boulton

    Mine is also under the kitchen sink

  • Leanne Bucknall

    Under the kitchen sink and we’ve also got isolation valves to sinks, toilets, shower, boiler & bath.

  • Clare Webb

    Behind the cooker!

  • Adele Hill

    My stopcok is under the sink

  • Pirate Horse

    under the sink


    Under the sink, but the previous owner had a dishwasher fitted with odd pipe work which makes the stopcock incredibly awkward to reach!

  • Sarah

    Under the kitchen sink, I only know as my dad told me a while ago I should know where it is.

  • Rebecca

    under kitchen sink

  • Katie Mackenzie

    hi, mine is under the sink x

  • Guest

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Lorraine Saeed

    Kitchen cupboard

  • Kelli Flanagan

    Under the kitchen sink (And I confess I had to ask the Husband cause I did not know)

  • Alison Joyce

    Under a hatch next top the kitchen sink.

  • JuneMLord

    In our cuboard where our gas meter is.

  • Diane Carey

    Under the kitchen sink

  • tracy

    I really dont know where mine is. I know I should and I will have to find out.

  • Alita Garcia

    I think it’s in the bathroom, next to the toilet

  • Lighterson

    in the cupboard under the kitchen sink

  • Lee Campbell

    In my living room

  • Kate English

    In the outside loo!

  • Gally70

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Alison Milner

    Under kitchen sink

  • Ashli Robertson

    mine is under my sink in the kitchen x

  • Anne Nash

    where is my stopcock – under the sink, on the left hand side,

  • Sarah Davison

    in the cupboard under the kitchen sink

  • Catherine

    Our stopcock is near our back door, really easy to get at.

  • Gary Briggs

    In a bedroom cupboard

  • Anne Nash

    under the kitchen sink on the left

  • Katie Pike

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Sarah Davies

    In the cellar at the bottom of the stairs

  • leanne williams

    under the sink

  • Jo Tarpley

    In the Bathroom, it’s very easy to access in an emergency!

  • paul morgan

    our internal stopcock is under the sink

  • Tim bain

    In the kitchen behind the fridge

  • Amanda Oakley

    In the cupboard under the sink

  • Kevin Dooley

    One side of the sink in the corner of my kitchen.

  • Mich Becker

    Under our kitchen sink (or so the other half just informed me :).

  • Val Anders

    in the kitchen – but not under the sink

  • Samantha Drayton

    Behind kitchen cupboard :)

  • Gemma Cook

    Ours is in the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen.

  • Diana Cotter

    In the cellar

  • Jay Hill

    Under the sink in the kitchen

  • hlkeene862

    Ours is under the kitchen sink

  • michelle

    In the little cupboard beside my dishwasher


    Mine is under the kitchen sink.

  • Hayley Parrish

    Under the sink

  • Kayleigh Tumber

    Ours is below the kitchen sink in the cupboard

  • Kelly Roberts

    In the kitchen right next to the cupboard

  • Fiona Fifi O’Farrell

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Angela Kate Webster

    Mine’s in the obvious boring place. Under the sink.

  • ros

    Apparently it’s under the sink!

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    Ours is under the sink in the kitchen!

  • Sheila Sloan

    Under the bath

  • faye

    under the kitchen sink! :)

  • julie baxter

    under my kitchen sink :)

  • Maya Russell

    At the bottom of the kitchen larder.

  • kim heeps

    under the sink

  • Christine Bray

    Under the sink!

  • Melanie Gardiner

    ours is in cupboard in our hallway quite easy to get to fortunately

  • Lisa King

    Ours is under our sink too :)

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    Mine is under the sink.

  • Wag Nails

    Under the sink

  • Hazel Rea

    Under the kitchen sink. (people check your stopcock – ours wouldn’t close properly due to limescale when we tested so luckily we got a new one before we had a plumbing crisis!).

  • Amy Fishlock

    I have noooooooo idea. so I asked. Its in the utility!

  • Sian Hallewell

    Under my kitchen sink

  • Carolyn Corrin

    In my airing Cupboard

  • Jamie Berwick

    under the sink

  • Victoria_CosmeticCravings

    Under the sink, behind all the cleaning products

  • Flora Bryant

    In our utility room in a cupboard under the sink.

  • Mel Crumpton

    in one of mu kitchen cupborad

  • Kevin Docherty

    Under the kitchen sink, fairly easy to get to when it’s not full

  • Marie Holl

    under the sink

  • Anne

    I meant to leave a message yesterday then i realised i had no idea where the stop cock was!!! I’ve now discovered it under the sink.

  • Nicola P

    Cupboard under the sink. Even the damn mice know where it is as I it’s next to where they squeeze in!

  • Paul Nicholson

    In the kitchen, in the cupboard under the sink!

  • danielle woodman

    Ours is in the kitchen in a small cupboard of its own.

  • Joanne Pooley

    in the cupboard in the passage

  • Caroline Scott

    annoyingly, ours in situated in the shop downstairs! If we ever need to turn the water off, it has to be in shop opening hours as we have no access to it otherwise. Ridiculous set-up really but we’re used to it now!

  • Elisa Wrighty Wright

    Right next to the front door, took us ages to find it when we bought house we felt quite foolish after hunting under sink and in boiler cupboard for ages to find it just sitting in plain view!

  • Cat Whittall

    In the cupboard under the kitchen sink

  • Melanie Jane Stirling

    Downstairs toilet

  • Jamie

    I leave it up to my parents to know LOL, but i think it is under the boiler :P

  • sarah Lea

    Under the sink, in the cupboard.

  • jb

    Under the floor in the kitchen

  • Amanda Olley

    In our utility room

  • Debbie Hercock

    annoyingly it’s in the corner behind the fridge and hard to reach

  • Harry Hulme

    under the sink

  • Harry Hulme

    Under the sink

  • JoBryan

    Under my sink in the kitchen

  • Lynn Doe

    ummm somewhere in the house lol

  • Lisa Beddall

    under the kitchen sink

  • linda rothen

    under kitchen sink

  • Sue Southurst

    under the sink

  • Sarah Bull

    Under the sink, I think!

  • Leah Sullivan

    Ours is underneath the floorboards in our entrance hall!

  • Vanessa Crowley

    no idea

  • suzannesendell

    In my room as my kitchen was there originally

  • Alicia Roberts

    Behind the toilet – took me a good few years to find it!

  • Nina MillerMse

    Under window in bedroom cupboard

  • Rebecca Denyer

    OUr stopcock is in the kitchen sink cupboard

  • louise

    In my kitchen behind the washing machine

  • Kelly-Marie Dudley

    Under the kitchen sink – I found out the hard way :(

  • Sarah Forrester

    Our stopcock is in the corner of our hall – we now have a large corner unit in front of it which worries me in case we ever have to get to it !

  • Richard Foran

    under my sink

  • Meryl Rees

    Just outside the back door on the left

  • chrisbishop55

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Kristy Smith

    Under the bath

  • Harriet Alice

    Under the utility room sink!

  • Heather Kidley

    under the kitchen sink

  • Beky

    under the kitchen sink

  • Allison M Gasper

    Under the sink. Nice and easy…I’m at the sink washing up most of the time!

  • Mr Horrand

    Under the sink

  • Christine Mutter

    Under the sink …… I think lol

  • Siobhan Kerry

    ermm i didnt know this before, but think its in the airing cupboard, ooppps

  • Daisymaebee Griffin

    Ours is beneath the bath. And the bath panel is a mare to remove

  • SAN

    under the kitchen sink

  • marc

    mine is under my sink

  • sarah ridley

    Apparantly its under the kitchen sink, so my fiance informs me lol!

  • Sandy Ferguson

    Under the sink

  • Becca Dave Bradley

    In my house

  • Juanito Sanchez™

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Jessica Agyin

    in closet in sitting room

  • eirwen bridges

    under my kitchen sink

  • Isobelle Forde

    Our stopcock is under the sink, I’ve needed to use it urgently a couple of times!

  • Sally Lea

    Under the sink

  • Shelley Jessup

    Mine is under the kitchen sink in a cupboard to the left hand side. Had to find that out in an emergency!

  • Natalie Gaff

    Under the kitchen Sink

  • Tracy Hanson

    In the cupboard next to the oven. Easy to turn off just have to remove all the “rubbish” from out of the cupboard. Learnt our lesson – we put the heating on occasionally throughout the year, so the pipes don’t seize up and we have no heating when we need it.

  • Joanne Mapp

    Behind a flase tile in the bathroom. Thank goodness the woman who lived here before us let us know, as we never would have found it!

  • Hazel Christopher

    Mine is under a cover outside the front door :)

  • Katie

    Under the sink in our kitchen

  • Nana B

    In the cupboard under the kitchen sink

  • Lee Barnett

    Ours is near the sink, behind a false drawer front that I created for easy access.

  • Carolynn Woodland

    In a cupboard in the kitchen

  • Rebecca Woodroof

    in the bathroom

  • K Nash

    Under the sink on the left

  • Jenny Newby

    Under the sink, beneath the masses of carrier bags, dusters ect ;)

  • Perry

    In the cellar – right at the end – have to fight through boxes of christmas decorations and other stuff to get to it!

  • LittleBee

    Under the sink

  • Gemma

    Underneath a trapdoor by my front door, never had to use it thankfully!

  • Kathy Cakebread

    airing cupboard

  • John Bainbridge

    In the kitchen cupboard, underneath a shelf on which the fridge sits, and surrounded by bottles of bleach and cleaner.

  • Alita Garcia

    in the bathroom

  • Minnie Whittaker

    In a cupboard by the front door

  • Kirstie Vaughan

    I dont have one! We have to turn the water off where the meter is in the road :)

  • aly c

    Under the sink

  • lorraine fletcher

    under the kitchen sink

  • jellie

    in the kitchen cuboard

  • Liz Almond

    Under the sink – although I hope I never have anything go wrong with it!

  • Ian Campbell

    Under the kitchen sink


    Under the kitchen sink

  • Fiona Cowieson

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Paul Witney

    I usually leave that to my father-in-law who is a plumber, but I suspect it’s under the sink

  • Thomas Gooding

    under the kitchen sink

  • Carolin Duncan Wheeler

    Wow, I dont have a clue. I would probably start searching under the stairs or under the sink.

  • Maria Taylor

    i found it last week actually, under the sink, it was dark under there and i thought it was a mouse staring at me thru a hole in the wall (stifles a scream)

  • Frances Hopkins

    under the kitchen sink…I think

  • James Maguire

    Mine is under the kitchen sink

  • Katrina White

    under the kitchen sink!

  • Daniel Seed

    under the sink

  • Saran Benjamin

    Under the sink.

  • Carmel Cheshire

    My stopcock is under the sink

  • Laura Cooper

    behind the dishwasher

  • Julie Wynne

    Under the sink

  • Dawn Akincay

    Lived here for 11 years but still had to think, its 3 meters to the left of the sink.

  • emma farrell

    Under the sink

  • Mark Rayner

    Under the sink

  • Caroline Hemple

    Just outside the front door behind a panel built into the wall.

  • Andy Collier

    Behind the bath.

  • Anne O’Donnell

    In the loft

  • Hannah

    In the downstairs toilet room

  • Judith Anderson

    right out on the pavement…

  • Maria Clarke

    in the loft

  • Louise Lumsden

    in the left hand side cupboard under the kitchen sink

  • Sarah N

    Under the sink in the downstairs bathroom

  • lorraine pigott

    Ummm…. ;)

  • Susie Clayton

    Our stopcock is in the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen.

  • Hayley Matthews


  • Tamara Payne

    In the airing cupboard

  • Frank James

    Under my kitchen sink.

  • Sam Schofield

    my stop cock is right above my front door i live in a block of flats and didnt know where it was til i once had a leak and couldnt bloody find the thing and me neighbour turned it off 4 me :)

  • susan surgeoner

    under the sink!

  • Sarah Punter

    under the kitchen sink x

  • Natalie Purx

    Under my kitchen sink

  • Sandy Hill

    in the airing cupboard. Or possibly under the kitchen sink – there are so many taps I’ve never worked out which is the main one!

  • Michelle D

    spare room under floorboards

  • kelly binns

    under my sink

  • Daniel Coles

    Indise a cupboard next to the sink

  • Nik Parker

    Under my sink

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    Under my sink

  • LeeLee Doodygirl Mse Newsome

    Ours in under the sink

  • Mrs M

    Who knows! That’s what husbands are for!

  • Gillian Holmes

    On the balcony where the firemen unearthed it eventually…

  • George Jennings

    in the garage

  • Simon Collinge

    Next to the front door in cupboard.

  • Kirsty Norton

    Our stopcock is in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. I rent and one of the first things I ask about/look for is the stopcock!

  • Karen A Barrett

    Under my boiler in my “Glory Hole Cupboard”.

  • Kady Newell

    under the sink :)


    Under the kitchen sink. It’s very stiff and even the plumber couldn’t fully turn the thing off without also turning off the standpipe outside!

  • Pam Francis Gregory

    Under the sink

  • Rachel McMillan

    In the Kitchen under the sink (had to ask hubby though as didn’t have a clue!)

  • Gaynor Robertson

    Under the kitchen sink. through a hole fit only for a childs hand

  • Simon Milton

    under the kitchen sink!

  • Beverlie Kim Stratton

    Under the kitchen sink! (had to ask as I had no idea!xx

  • Jackie ONeill

    in the garage at the side of the house

  • Di Dilly

    Under my kitchen sink

  • Hayley Cunningham

    I have no idea?? lol

  • Laura Dye

    Under my sink in the kitchen

  • Donna Large

    under the kitchen sink

  • Kimberley Hayden

    Behind our tumble drier

  • Linda Claire Hill

    In my daughter’s utility room – we live in a self contained annexe attached to her property.

  • Marian Davison

    Under the sink

  • Ohmite Hudson

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Mich Wat

    under the sink

  • Sarah E

    In the garage.

  • Ellie Bee

    Ours is next to the gas meter behind lots of junk, but dont worry in an emergency everything will go flying outta the way!

  • Carolynn Crabb

    Under the sink in the utility room – had to use it once when the expansion tank in the loft overflowed!!!

  • Stephen Whitnall


  • Cake Reeves

    By my fridge, where my sink used to be


    under the kitchen sink

  • Pauly Breville

    downstairs toilet

  • Ben Audsley

    under the kitchen sink!

  • Jane Adair

    behind the dishwasher

  • Michael Saunders

    At the bottom of the stairs.

  • John Kensie

    About a foot under the sink.

  • Emma Hart

    Ours is in the pantry.

  • Rachael Ozimek

    Ours is under the kitchen sink

  • Erica

    Under the sink – I just had to double check! :)

  • Becky John

    Nowhere near the sink! It’s hidden down the side of the kitchen cupboard at the end of the kitchen.

  • Claire Ingleby

    under the kitchen sink x

  • Elaine Dale

    outside our back gate

  • Stephanie Whitehouse

    in the corner of the outhouse

  • Sarah

    Under the sink!

  • Rikka Borst

    under the kitchen sink

  • Karen Painter

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Joanne Saunders

    outside my house

  • Helen McCarron

    Under our kitchen sink

  • Beverley

    under the sink in the kitchen

  • Caroline Kelly

    in the garden

  • Jasmine Collier

    Underneath the kitchen sink

  • Mary Chez

    Under the sink

  • Katy Spence

    under our sink

  • Paula UrbanGypsy Evans

    Ours is in bottom cupboard under kitchen sink,did ave to go check though ;)

  • Paul Ballantine

    in the most awkward cupboard in the kitchen

  • Sharon V

    Under the sink

  • Karen Richards

    Just inside by the front door

  • Michaela Mse Williams

    We just had our stopcock moved from the front room to the kitchen, it is under the sink now.

  • Clare Robinson

    What is one of those? Bit of a personal question to be asked ;) Ours is under the kitchen sink in a cupboard

  • Kirsty Sparks

    Under the sink

  • Sammy

    In the bottom bathroom

  • Spearce Mse

    under the kitchen sink x

  • Toni Quandt

    I don’t know?!?!?

  • Dave

    In the Kitchen!

  • Chris Aggett

    Mines in the bathroom, under the sink!

  • Helen Barton

    Under the kitchen sink

  • jane

    Mine is under the kitchen sink half covered by the cupboard and stuck solid.

  • Karl Thomas

    under the sink

  • Mel Crumpton

    under my kitchen cupboard

  • Stephen Scott

    Under my sink!

  • Diana

    I don’t know ;o

  • uknitty

    Under the kitchen sink – pretty bog standard I am afraid !

  • Chris Chilcott

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Sue Willshee

    under the sink in the kitchen

  • D J

    under the kitchen sink

  • Tracey Belcher

    In the Cupboard in the Kitchen

  • Janet Rawstron

    We live in a bungalow and our stop tap is situated behind the toilet where the incoming water enters the house.

  • Rachael Jones Mann

    under the kitchen sink :)

  • Peter Gilby

    under my sink

  • Hayley Colburn

    In the bathroom airring cupboard x

  • Kristy

    under the sink

  • lzelli

    In my kitchen….I think!

  • Joanne Homer

    Ours is in the dining room in the wall next to the fire place. We’d live there for 5 years when we had our first burst pipe and couldn’t for the life of us find it! We checked in the kitchen in every single cupboard, the outhouse and were baffled as to where it could be until I noticed a bump in the wall and after some careful peeling of wallpaper found it hidden in a hidey hole in the wall!! – Now we know we are prepared in case it ever happens again!!

  • isabelle smith

    under sink

  • Liz Griffin

    Mine is under the kitchen sink. Never looked for it before…

  • Claire Heffer

    under the sink, i think!

  • Gary Roberts

    Under the sink in the kitchen.

  • Gem Clark

    in the kitchen cupboard furthest away from the sink

  • Lisa J Holroyd

    I have genuinely no idea…oops

  • David O’Connor

    Cupboard next to sink

  • Lindy Hine

    Ahem! Don’t actually know – I knew where it was in our last house, does this count? lol. I’ll have to ask hubby :)

  • Mark Johnson

    behind the boiler cupbaord

  • CCleaver

    Under the little sink in the toilet!

  • Sarah-Jane Laycock

    Mine is under the sink

  • GromitFan

    Our stopcock is in the garage.

  • Claire Bbdiva Butler


  • michele hemmings

    under my sink…..I think!!

  • chris parham

    In the kitchen underneath the tumble dryer

  • Marie Yeardley

    under the kitchen unit, and its dripping

  • matthew colburn

    don’t actually know in this house, suppose I should have a look in case I ever need it :)

  • Donna Towner

    My Stopcock is under the sink

  • Ali

    Under the sink

  • Natalie White

    I believe it’s under the sink :)

  • Kathryn

    Ours is under the kitchen sink

  • Charley Foulds

    under the sink!!!!

  • Alli Sherwood

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Joanne Benham

    My stopcock is behind my fridge freezer.

  • Anthony Gerrard

    In my airing cupboard

  • Linda Bensusan


  • Sarah Cooper

    Ours is behind a drawer in the kitchen.

  • LittleMuvva

    by the front door

  • Ian Yates

    Under the kitchen sink

  • drosser1978

    Behind kitchen cupboard

  • Alex Max

    Mines is under the sink in my kitchen x


    under the sink

  • Carol

    that’s a very personal question sir! Under the sink in the kitchen if you must know…

  • Danae Susens

    Dont know

  • Rik Line

    In the cellar

  • Sue Butler

    Mine in in the top right corner of my kitchen!

  • Charlie D

    Stopcock is in the utulity room and under the sinks.

  • Blake Ahearne

    under our sink

  • Bex Allum

    Under the sink

  • Nicky Mse Taylor

    near the back door in my kitchen

  • Stu Wakefield

    Under the sink, in the kitchen

  • antonia richardson

    under the sink

  • Alison

    Under the sink

  • Karen Mitchell

    In the cupboard under the stairs

  • P Phillips

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Suzanne Gentle

    mines just to the left of the sink unit.

  • Jocelyn Clark

    Between the living room & dining room !!!!

  • Ian Sanderson

    I’ve asked the wife – it’s under the sink.

  • Emma Howard

    In the garage, I think…

  • Hannah Beadle

    Under my sink in the kitchen

  • Claire Stephen

    mine is under the sink

  • Sheri Darby

    No idea – We never did find it, we have to turn off under a paving stone in the front of the house

  • Valerie Fabian

    Under the sink

  • Brenda Wilkes

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Susan Hall

    In my downstairs wc

  • angela wilcox

    under the kitchen sink

  • Mike Brundell


  • Sam Bailey

    I have recently moved and its in my kitchen under the sink. How ever in my last bungalow it was in my airing cupboard and hadnt been moved for years, on springing a leak i attempted to turn it off, unable to! So i had to get a tool to clamp it and turn it, which snapped as it hadnt been moved which resulted in Anglian water coming to put new piping in to assist me. This was also the day before i was holding a family memorial bbq @ which my partner proposed and i had 70 people invited! Nightmare or what! I have now learnt to regularly open and close it

  • Holly Boyd

    I believe it is in the secret cupboard in the bathroom.

  • Tracy Newton

    Under the sink!

  • Francesca Douglas

    Mine is in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

  • Vicky Salter

    Not sure, should really check

  • Julie Lorraine Thomas

    You can find ours under the kitchen sink, we had to find it in a hurry once and we were very glad we did!

  • Amanda Norwood

    In the utility room

  • Sam Woodley

    Great advice I am looking forward to having my old windows replaced next week

  • Tina Lawton

    Under the sink (I think) :)

  • Andrew Halliwell

    Under the sink

  • Richard Tyler

    The classic cock postion: under the sink!

  • Catherine

    Our Stopcock is near our back door, so its really easy to get to. :)


    in the kitchen cupboard next to sink

  • Karen R

    Ours is under the sink

  • Vicki A Smith

    Mine’s under the sink

  • David Price

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Lisa W

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Helen Robinson

    I like swimming, but not in the kitchen. My stopcock is under the kitchen sink.

  • Emma Furniss

    under the sink

  • elebjones

    In a cupboard near the front door.

  • Frances Heaton

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Natasha

    Under the kitchen sink :)

  • Jessica cook

    under the sink….erm..i think! lol x

  • rory campion

    Under my sink

  • Charlotte Angelmummytosam Brow

    I actually have no idea where it is. uurrrmmm i guess one of the men in the house do though. SMH in embarrassment.


    Under the kitchen sink

  • Irene Gilmour

    under the sink

  • Laura Pyper

    I have no idea,but should really find out ;)

  • Joanne Davis

    In our downstairs toilet

  • Jackie Parry Warby

    my stopcock is under the sink in the kitchen.

  • Helen Booth

    In the cupboard under the kitchen sink!

  • Missie Lizzie

    In the cupboard under my kitchen sink!

  • tracey gibbons

    under our kitchen sink in cupboard

  • Lucy Carter

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Lynsey Morris

    Ours is under the kitchen sink. xx

  • rozsarg

    My stopcock is in the airing cuboard in Our Kitchen in our ground floor flat

  • Emma Smith

    Ours is near the boiler, which is next to the cupboard, under kitchen sink (corner of kitchen)

  • Phyllis Ellett

    In the bathroom behind a ‘removable’ panel

  • Tracy Parkinson

    under my sink in the kitchen

  • tweakyuk

    Under our kitchen sink

  • Talia

    Under the sink!

  • Zoey Zd Selling Deacon

    under the sink

  • Gill Mack

    Ours is outside, next to the front door – 1910 house in south side of Glasgow

  • Sarah Fleck

    under the kitchen sink

  • janine atkin

    ours is under the kitchen sink. the funny thng is, my partner wouldnt have a clue!

  • Emma Jones


  • Joy Dehany

    In my kitchen in a cupboard x

  • Kerry Seery

    Mine is under the sink :)

  • Antony Haigh

    Under the sink in the kitchen

  • Elizabeth Yeates

    under the kitchen sink!

  • Charleen McVey

    under the sink

  • Florence Cross

    It’s in the cellar

  • Tracey Bradford

    I dont have one – have to go outside in the street

  • Sarah Ballantyne

    Under the sink

  • Maria Knight

    Ours is in the loft!! Bizarre!!!

  • Kelly Anne

    In the bathroom :)

  • Avvie Cunnington

    Ours is also under the kitchen sink!

  • Helen Moulden

    Under my sink!

  • Kirsty Fox

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Hayley Acton

    under the sink

  • Michael Bull

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Heather Haigh

    Mine is in the cellar

  • Karen Whittaker

    In the cupboard next to the washing machine

  • sonya

    in the toilet, behind a secret panel!

  • Hazel Rush

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Bonnie Brooksbank

    under my front step

  • patanne1

    under the kitchen sink

  • Rachel Blackburn

    under the sink

  • Jenny Dyson

    mine is under my kitchen sink!

  • Joanne Blunt

    In my downstairs cloakroom

  • Laura Ingham

    Stopcock behind the toilet!!!

  • francis lee

    our’s is under the kitchen sink

  • Maggie Bermann

    Waits till hubbie gets back from walking the dogs.. under the course it was, just checking he knew as well lol

  • Claire Toplis

    Under my sink

  • Claire Toplis

    Udder my sink

  • Kerry Lyme

    Ours is under the sink

  • Jeremy

    Under the kitchen sink

  • tamara foster

    Under the kitchen sink

  • Karen Lloyd

    Under my Kitchen sink

  • Billy Lovell

    Under the sink :)

  • Susan Harrison

    Behind the bathroom sink panel

  • Carol Wilson

    mine is under the kitchen sink

  • Jo Roper

    it’s under the sink

  • Paul Jackson

    under kitchen sink

  • Rob Duncan

    In my cupboard. Just a valve to turn off/on the water

  • Laura

    Under the sink

  • Jun MO

    Under the sink

  • Chevaune Stanley

    Useless plastic thing under the kitchen sink. We need a good sturdy brass one! ;-)

  • donna baxter

    mine is in the kitchen behind the kitchen cupboards, it is easily accessable as the back of the cupboard has a piece cut out for the stopcock to be reached.

  • Kayleigh Louise

    ummmmm my what? lol.. no im not actually sure!

  • lottiegirlx

    been in new house 9 months today, eek this question made me shout at OH and a made 15 minutes hunting… its under the stairs thanks we now know!!

  • Jon Payne

    in the front room

  • Kate Knight

    in the eaves of the roof

  • Joanne Harrison

    Under my kitchen sink

  • Leigh Larkin

    In the downstairs toilet under the stairs.

  • kimmy393

    Under sink in the kitchen

  • Charlotte Bendon

    my stopcock is under the sink

  • Sarah Steeples

    Under the kitchen sink.

  • Jennifer Turnbull

    Under the sink in the utility room!

  • Tanya

    Under the kitchen sink…. hidden by all the ‘useful’ bottles of cleaning fluids!!!

  • esther james

    In the back passage behind my house

  • Sheila

    Under the kitchen sink. xx

  • Steph Jones


  • kathleen hooper

    under our kitchen sink

  • Sarah Parker

    under the sink :)

  • Lindy Hine

    Well I knew where it was in our last house but I’m afraid I haven’t a clue in this house. Will have to ask hubby *bats eyelashes and goes into helpless girlie mode* lol

  • Kirsty KJaybaby Caffrey

    Ours is under the sink…. although I doubt my husband would know where it is :-)

  • Adrian Stewart

    in sink cupboard in the kitchen

  • Caroline williams

    Under my kitchen Sink :-)

  • Jade

    Under our sink (had to ask OH!!!)

  • Jen Boucher

    I have no idea!

  • Suzanne Wakefield

    Under the sink in my house, but at the moment I’m renting somewhere else and I’m not sure – I just thought they all lived under the sink..perhaps I’d better check!

  • Sairz-mse Comps

    Under the sink (had to ask oh!)

  • Jackie Curran

    under the sink.

  • Angie Hoggett

    bottom of the front yard

  • Lani Nash

    In the basement

  • Jo Snook-Abbs

    Under the sink in a really awkward position! Still – I leave it to the Hubby to do all that lol!

  • cheung

    Under the sink!

  • Les A Mse Bain

    Under my kitchen sink :)

  • Jenerate

    Mine is in the garage.

  • Kirsty Moors

    In the cupboard in the kitchen :)

  • Hannah Whitling

    Theres 3 in the house i currently live in, i think as it got upgraded since victorian ages more were added. The indoor one is under the kitchen sink, and theres one outside the back door, and one just by the alley between mine and next door.

  • Pauline Appleton

    My stopcock is under the kitchen sink

  • Anna Ling

    under the kitchen sink

  • Yvonne Clark

    in the kitchen near the washing machine

  • Jane Middleton

    I’ve got no idea!

  • Diane Halliwell

    Under the kitchen sink. x


    Under the kitchen sink :)

  • Nicola

    I gave it to my friend, cause she’s a sl** :)

  • Shirley Leah Harpley

    Mine’s under the sink.

  • Steve Howe

    under the boiler

  • Ann Ball

    In the upstairs bedroom wardrobe

  • Vicki Brown

    In the basement, in the middle of the wall!

  • Linda Bunning

    Under the sink on the left hand side/.

  • Silversize Mse

    behind my washing machine

  • J M Forbes

    Under the kitchen sink.