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How to check your roof

5 tips for checking your roofYour roof is your first line of defence against wind, rain and snow.

However, as roof repairers, we know that most people don’t give their roof a second thought until they hear the tell-tale ‘chatter’ of tiles or slates as they rattle in the wind.

Inspecting your roof now could prevent costs later on in the year.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about selling your property it makes sense to make sure your roof is in good condition before you put it on the market.

Here are my top tips for inspecting your roof.

5 tips for checking your roof

1. Start inside your property. Take a torch and go into the attic or loft if accessible. Look out for:

  • Damp spots on loft insulation or beams
  • Signs of leaking or water damage
  • Outside light showing through the roof
  • Dark spots
  • Places where the roof is sagging
  • Rusting metal work or mould

2. Go outside and walk round your property. Look for any tiles or slates that have fallen from the roof to the ground. Pieces of broken mortar on the ground is a sign there may be damage.

3. Look at the exterior of your building. Do not walk on the roof or the tiles will break. If you are scanning from ground level use binoculars. Look at your roof and check for:

  • Broken, cracked or loose tiles
  • Gaps in the mortar joints as you scan the ridge against the skyline
  • Tiles of different colours which might indicate some have slipped or been dislodged
  • Wear around chimneys, pipes, lead flashings and gutters where your roof is most vulnerable to leaks

4. Examine drains and gutters. Make sure they are not blocked with leaves or debris and are attached securely.

5. Check your roof twice a year. Check it in late autumn to remove leaves and to make sure it is weather proof before winter weather sets in. Inspect it again after heavy rain or storms. Signs of water will alert you to any problems in your roof.

If you find broken tiles or signs of water damage don’t assume you will need a new roof. Often your roof can simply be repaired. Once your roof is repaired it will allow you to stay snug for many years to come.

McComish Property Services provide a free roof and gutter survey* for all properties in Glasgow. So, if in doubt, call 08000 327 577 and we’ll come out to your home or business and check the roof and guttering for you.

*Pilot currently applies to properties with a ‘Glasgow Postcode’ only.