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All you need to know about Domestic RHI


The McComish Group were delighted to announce the UK Governments support of the long-awaited Domestic RHI scheme in April 2014. This much anticipated incentive (RHI), will bring considerable relief to homeowners seeking assistance towards their investment in low-carbon heating systems. This is fantastic news, both for the eco-minded consumer and the environment at large.

The Domestic RHI scheme had been in the pipeline for a while before it was made available to consumers in April this year. The payment offers the world’s first long-term financial support mechanism for renewable heating devices and related technologies.

The scheme is open to new builds, private and social landlords, home owners and off grid installations and covers three main technologies:

  • Biomass Boilers
  • Ground and air source heat pumps
  • Solar thermal panels

The RHI scheme not only allows homeowners to install a renewable energy system with financial support but can also earn you some money. What better way to earn some extra cash when also helping the environment. The tariffs are higher than first anticipated with a whopping 12.2p per kWh being offered to those installing Biomass boilers.

Of course, there is an initial investment, but we worked out that if changing from an oil, LPG or Electric heating system, it would take maximum 3 and a half years to pay back a £10,000 investment needed to install a domestic Biomass boiler. The RHI payments are made quarterly and over a 7 year period. AND if your property requires 2 devices one for hot water the other for heating they will both be eligible.

Here’s what Greg Barker had to say about the RHI scheme:

For more information on the Domestic RHI and its benefits visit the renewable energy section of our website.