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Emergency plumbers

Reliable and safe plumbing repairs from McComish

Emergency Repair McComishWhen flood and storms damage your home you can expect a fast response from our emergency plumbers who can:

  • Fix burst water pipes
  • Repair central heating systems
  • Repair boilers
  • Install boilers

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If your boiler or central heating system is not working we will repair it to make your property safe and warm.

For reliable, qualified plumbers and gas engineers call McComish. Our plumbers are trained by official plumbing and heating bodies.

Insurance Plumbing Repair

We know how disruptive it is when things go wrong so you can expect a fast response from McComish plumbers who are on call on a 24 hour basis. Call McComish on 08000 327 577 to find out how we can repair your burst water pipe or boiler and manage you insurance claim.