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Installing renewable energy systems

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Water removal

Effective water extraction and removal from McComish

Flash floods, broken pipes, burst riverbanks and even faulty washing machines can cause significant damage to your home or property.

We will get to you as fast as possible so that any water damage can be rectified. Experts in flood and storm damage, our water extraction and building drying tradesmen will repair your property professionally at speed.

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Our building drying technicians are qualified by the British Damage Management Association.

If you have flood damage

  • Do not attempt to clean using cleaning solutions such as bleach, detergents or disinfectants
  • Do not enter a room if sockets are submerged
  • Call McComish immediately on 08000 327 577

Water insurance repair

As flood specialists we have a track record in repairing and handling insurance reinstatement claims. Call McComish on 08000 327 577 to speak to our helpful advisors who will book a survey appointment and answer any questions you may have about water damage and insurance claims.