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Professional services

In house skills for complete service and certified delivery

  • Project management
  • Building surveying
  • Fire safety
  • Asbestos advice

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Project management

Project management is how we get the job done. Our focus on agreed plans, budgets and timescales means our experienced team get the best out of the resources required to complete your project professionally.

Building surveying

Our surveyors are trained and qualified in all aspects of building repairs, renovations, maintenance, insurance reinstatement and property alterations. Our experience means we can work on any size of project, from advice on storm damaged conservatories to reinstatement and conversions in houses of multiple occupancy.

Fire safety

Our fire safety services include risk analysis, audit services, installation, on-going maintenance, testing and repairs. We comply with the Fire Safety Scotland regulations (2006) and only ever used fully qualified professionals.

Asbestos advice

Our staff are asbestos aware of the main types of asbestos (chrysotile – white, amosite – brown and crocidolite – blue). Should they come across materials they suspect may contain asbestos we immediately provide an asbestos testing service. Samples will be tested in an approved asbestos testing laboratory and we will advise you on any necessary course of action.

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